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Teen anxiety rate has increased 76% since 2009 || The suicide rate in teens has risen 60% since 2007 || 57% of young adult males now have a substance dependency - C.D.C

Parenting the youth can be extremely exhausting.

As one of the leaders in Teen Life Coaching we realize this is especially true when it comes to motivating a lazy teen.

It may seem impossible at times to motivate a lazy teenager, but it is essential to do so for their academic and personal development.

This blog post will discuss several effective strategies that parents can use to motivate a lazy teenager.


UNDERSTAND the Reasons Behind the Laziness

Before parents can effectively motivate their teenagers, they must understand why their teenagers are lazy in the first place. There are several reasons why teenagers might lack motivation, including:

1. Lack of sleep:

Teenagers require at least eight hours of sleep per night to function optimally. However, many teenagers struggle with sleep due to a range of factors, including schoolwork, extracurricular activities, and social media. When teenagers do not get enough sleep, they are more likely to feel tired and lack motivation.

2. Mental health issues:

Mental health issues such as depression and anxiety can significantly affect a teenager's motivation levels. Teenagers who are struggling with mental health issues may find it challenging to focus on their studies or other responsibilities.

3. Lack of interest:

Teenagers are still discovering their interests and passions, and they may lack motivation when it comes to tasks that do not interest them. For example, a teenager who loves music may lack motivation when it comes to math homework.

4. Lack of Emotional Expression:

When children are afraid of their parents, they may not feel safe expressing their emotions.

This can lead to emotional repression, which can harm a child's emotional development and cause laziness.

5. Overwhelmed:

Teenagers often have a lot on their plates, including schoolwork, extracurricular activities, and social obligations. If a teenager feels overwhelmed, they may become demotivated and struggle to complete their tasks.

6. Procrastination:

Procrastination is a common issue for many teenagers. They may put off tasks until the last minute, which can lead to stress and a lack of motivation.

It is essential for parents to identify the underlying reasons behind their teenager's laziness. Once they understand the root cause, they can develop a plan to motivate their teenager effectively.

Set Achievable Goals

Setting achievable goals is an effective way to motivate a lazy teenager.

When teenagers feel like they are making progress and achieving their goals, they are more likely to stay motivated.

However, it is crucial to set realistic goals that are achievable for your teenager.

For example, if your teenager is struggling in math class, set a goal for them to improve their grade by one letter grade within the next month.

This goal is achievable and specific, and it will help your teenager to stay motivated and focused on their studies.

Provide Incentives

Providing incentives is another effective way to motivate a lazy teenager.

Incentives can be anything that your teenager values, such as extra screen time, a favorite meal, or a new pair of shoes.

The key is to make the incentives desirable enough to motivate your teenager to work towards their goals.

For example, if your teenager is struggling to complete their homework, you can offer them an extra hour of screen time once they finish their work.

This incentive can motivate them to complete their homework and stay focused.

Encourage Physical Activity

Physical activity is an excellent way to improve motivation and mood.

Regular exercise can increase dopamine levels in the brain, which can improve mood and motivation.

Encourage your teenager to participate in regular physical activity, such as sports or going for a run.

Additionally, physical activity can help your teenager to manage stress and improve their overall health.

When your teenager is healthy and feeling good, they are more likely to be motivated and focused.

Use Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement is an effective way to motivate a lazy teenager.

When your teenager does something well or achieves a goal, provide positive reinforcement by praising them or offering a reward.

Positive reinforcement can increase motivation and encourage your teenager to continue to work hard.

For example, if your teenager does well on a test, praise them and offer to take them out for their favorite meal.

This positive reinforcement can motivate your teenager to continue to work hard and do well in their studies.

Provide Support and Guidance

Teenagers need support and guidance from their parents, especially when it comes to motivation.

It is essential to be there for your teenager and offer support when they are struggling.

Encourage them to talk to you about their feelings and offer guidance when needed.

Additionally, it is important to provide your teenager with the resources they need to succeed.

For example, if your teenager is struggling in a particular subject, consider hiring a tutor to help them.

This support can help your teenager to feel motivated and confident in their abilities.


Parenting is challenging, and the youth today is not the same as it was even ten years ago.

Whether you realize it or not, you and your children are facing modern obstacles that no human being has ever faced before.

These obstacles can make life very difficult and often we need guidance and a method that works in getting your kids on a path towards success and wellbeing.

At Wide Awake Coaching, we specialize in life coaching teens and youth to help them find where they are, where we all would like them to be, and how to get there effectively.

We work delicately along side you as the parent to make sure the entire family is on the same page and reaching our collective goals.


Clarify and achieve personal and academic goals

Increase confidence and self purpose

Create life / relationship / business / education plans + next steps

Work to improve communication + social skills

Learn tools to reduce stress + anxiety

Achieve a school/life balance

Expand consciousness + connection + spirituality

Identify Roadblocks + build bridges to success

Start your new life or grow the one you’re in

Turn the page to the future you desire


One of the biggest differences in our Life Coaching method is that we combine both Life Coaching and Traditional Therapy.

Through years of researching, certification, and practicing the leading methods of therapy and coaching; we sought to combine the best of the best practices in an all encompassing experience that can be customized for you.


Typical Therapy

Typical Life Coaching

​Life Coaching

Mindset Coaching




Music Therapy


Neuro Linguistic Programming


EFT Tapping



Breathwork Therapy


No Time Limit Sessions



​Online Masterclasses


Bio Identical Hormone Therapy



Infrared Sauna Therapy

Himalayan Salt Therapy


Play Therapy (out of the office - hiking, surfing, fishing, walking, kayaking, etc.)

​Modern Success Psychology Tools (Joyride Journal, Nightingale Notepad, guided meditations)


If you want to see how our innovative coaching can dramatically improve joy, confidence, and clarity in your Child's Life, simply apply here:

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