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5 Videos That Will Change Your Life! INSPIRE

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Occasionally there is a movie, a series, or a video that completely alters ones life by igniting some glorious inspiration + a fresh new perspective.

Below are 5 videos that changed my life. I hope you check them out and find out exactly why they opened my mind, shaped the art and music I've written, and inspired!

Happy (2011)

I watched this in college, and fortunately have never been able to see life the same. Happiness is something we as human beings are constantly chasing, and often times with little awareness or understanding of what exactly it is we are chasing. What is happiness? How do you get it? How much is money involved in producing happiness? This documentary answer all these amazing questions, leaving you with a full heart and a hopeful mind.

The Secret (2006)

The Secret is a documentary based on the book written by Rhonda Byrne, and although it can come off as cheesy and sometimes a bit repetitive, it is 100% a must watch. It's based off the concept of "The Law of Attraction" and the more you learn about this concept, the more you notice it. And the more you notice it, the less "hippy-dippy" is seems do be. World class athletes, performers, doctors....all use different forms of the law of attraction and despite its unbelievable simplicity, it is even more unbelievable how few people actually live in a mental state of positive focus. Watch this if you have not.

The Strangest Secret In The World (1950 AUDIO)

I had just graduated at The College of Charleston and was laying in my bed thinking about what my next steps in life were. I had been living in a bad habit of sleeping in, and looking for some motivation, I figured a good ole YouTube motivational video might suit me. However, when I opened up the video I accidentally pressed another link on the site and it brought me to this. It felt like divine intervention. It is now a best kept secret, but in 1950 this was the highest selling dialogue recording to date.

This audio of "The Strangest Secret in The World" is completely life changing. It so clearly calls out the human flaws, and shows how to effectively and easily adjust them. My favorite line paraphrased in the whole recording is "A man's mind is like a tractor on a dirt road....if he takes his hands off the WILL go in the ditch. You must keep your hands on the wheel. You must keep your mind on positive thoughts." Wow. So simple, yet so profound. We let our mind's dialogue run rampant and then act so surprised when we end up stressed out and anxious?!? We have to drive our minds between the lines! What follows is a destination achieved.

The Social Dilemma (2020)

I just recently watched this documentary and was really impressed. Head employees of Google, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. explain in detail the dangers of screen time and the intentionally addictive creations of social media. I know how addictive social media can be to me, but I found it disturbing to find out that these companies have hired top psychologists and mental behavior gurus to intentionally design their platforms to be as absolutely addictive as possible....and it is only going to get worse. This documentary also taps into the privacy and social injustices of these apps, as well as the insecurities and pressure it is putting on the youth.

These issues are massively shaping our lives, and it is happening so fast we can't even recognize it. Think...humans went 70,000 years without looking at screen. Now the average American looks at a screen 5-6 hours a day. If you live to be 80, that is 20 years of your life! This was a heavy watch, but well worth it!

Hip Hop Evolution (2016-2020)

Although this is a series and not a singular video, I just had to put it up here. It is one of the most underrated docu-series out there, and it is unbelievable. One thing about understanding the youth is understanding what influences them, and where those influences came from. Whether or not you love rap like me, and most all of the youth in the world, it is undeniable how incredibly influential it has been on culture. Some things haven't been the best kind of influence, some things a down right bad influence, and some things amazingly positive in influence. One thing is for certain, rap isn't going anywhere and the journey it took to get where it is today is a triumphant ride of overcoming gigantic hurdles and setbacks. The heroes of rap are some extremely tough and determined people. People who set their minds to unbelievable feats and overcame them with earth shaking outcomes. That is what life coaching is all about. Get inspired and check this one out for sure!


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