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When I was a little kid I was obsessed with the idea of having



I believed so fearlessly that if I really put my mind to it and asked the universe, that I was 100% going to be just like Spiderman. Then, as I phased out of the safety of childhood, like all people, I was faced with the bitter realizations of life and society. I learned life is hard, society is difficult to navigate (especially in this fast paced tech era), and that my “superpowers” were foshoooo never comin...


and then something changed. I got my superpowers after all

Now, is that a bit dramatic and possibly cliche? Yes. But I'm not joking. I might not be able to fly or lift cars over my head, but honestly I harnessed something even better. I became 


 I learned how to focus my mental state on positive thinking, discover my deepest desires, and witness my life flourish. I watched myself go from learning the guitar to an empty room, to having 10,000 screaming fans chant “ONE MORE SONG!!!!” I went from dreaming of one day writing a song, to seeing the Albums I self produce reach millions of streams and play on the radio. I get the amazing opportunity to professionally tour with the best bandmates and friends anyone could ever ask for. And most importantly, I even married my childhood sweetheart. Last September my beautiful wife and I welcomed our extraordinary son Jango to the world.


The craziest part of it all...I envisioned every single part of it before it ever happened. Straight up. I literally watched my dreams unfold before my very eyes. 


And now, I get to help others do the same

guitar player
Father and child




"Don't wait for the stars to align, reach up and rearrange them the way you want... create your own constellation" 

                               - Pharrell Wiliams 



Wide Awake is not your usual coaching, therapy, or counseling type of service.  We have lots of fun! And unlike most practices, I am not here to fix you, or to tell you what or how you should be. I want you to be yourself. There is only ONE of you in the entire universe!?!? That's why I want to show you just how ridiculously unstoppable you already are! You a true bonified OG champion in the making. If you are reading this now, you are on your way! You just need the tools. And I gotchu!


Micheal Jordan needed his coach Phil Jackson to win the finals, Clemson Tigers needed Dabo Swinney to win the Championship, The Beatles needed George Martin to become a why doesn't everybody have their own personal coach

Unfortunately not everybody has the self love, awareness, or support to take on such an incredible opportunity to grow, find their purpose, and create a road map to a life of genuine fulfillment. I know I definitely did not. I can't imagine where I would be in life today if I had found my coach at a younger age.  


And that is exactly why Wide Awake exists!


I am here to give you a competitive edge on life by developing personalized habits and systems that will propel you towards a fulfilling and success life...I want to see you live -



Combining my background as a National music entertainer with A Certified education in modern coaching practices, we will set ourselves up for success with progressive and classic practices such as:

  • Mood Shift Music Playlisting 
  • Time Management  - Discovering tools and systems for mastering time
  • Yen Yoga Confrontation Therapy
  • Stress Coping - learning how to deal with academic, work, and social life related stress
  • Positive Focus Meditation
  • Relationship Synchronicity - improving relationships with parents, co workers, teachers, and friends
  • Wheel of Life
  • Abstract Antidotes - overcome your habit of negative emotion
  • Motivational Insight - learn what motivates you and how to sustain it
  • Inverse Limitation - discover your strengths and how to apply them to break mental limitations  
  • Cognitive Recognition  - understanding your learning and thinking styles  


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